Saturday, 16 May 2009

The team

A little about the team. We each know at least one other member of the team, but as of this post, have not all met. Our first walk together will be on Saturday 23rd May, although that's not to say we haven't been training.

The four doing the walking are as follows:

Ben - The fatty of the group.. It's his fault that the four are taking on this challenge and is trying to make up for it by providing large quantities of home cooked food at every juncture. Ben will be the one at the back of the pack complaining that his feet hurt.

Matt - Matt is the fundraiser and bears a striking resemblance to Rimmer off of Red Dwarf. He's already managed to secure a whacking £2,500 towards the cause (thanks MDS) and continues to bring in the funds. He seems to think he'll get through the 100km on will power alone. We'll see how far that gets him....

Dave - Dave is Matt's brother-in-law and super fit. He's doing the Ten Tors challenge as a warm up for Trailwalker. He breezes up hills that leave the rest of us wheezing. If anyone can complete this, he can - that's if he can find his way back from the Ten Tors...

Greg - Greg has decided to climb Mont Blanc as part of his training and will be missing our final team walk as a result. He's quite tall and consequently will be taking many fewer steps that the rest of us. It's an unfair advantage and something he will be reminded of in our darkest hours.

You can see our ugly mugs on the right of this page....!


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